Have you ever wondered what a carpenter does? It sounds like an old fashioned trade but this is a trade that is alive and well and they are actually pretty busy tradesmen and women. A carpenter is a part of the construction trade who is responsible for building, erecting, installing and repairing any objects that are made out of wood. It is a skilled craft that can be employed for anything from helping to construct buildings to repairing wooden furniture. They are one of the largest groups of tradesmen, working for themselves or for contractors.

Carpenters might be needed for various different aspects of house building, for example, framing walls and partitions, building staircases, constructing window and door frames, making cabinets and shaping furniture. As you can see, wherever there is wood, you may need the services of a carpenter or joiner. There are also many different types of carpenter, for example:

  • Roofer – specialises in the roof building, in particular, beams, rafters and trusses.
  • Joister – lays floors joists which give a position to where a floor will be laid. They increase strength to a floor for holding weight.
  • Trim carpenter – specialises in mouldings and trims like mantlepieces, skirting boards, window casings, cabinet making and other ornamental work.
  • Rough carpenter – works on framing, formwork, roofing and large scale work that does not require polishing.
  • Joiner – this work involves finishing where exact joints are required such as cabinet making, furniture making, instrument making and other fine wood fashioning.
  • Framer – is responsible for constructing the skeleton or framework of a building.
  • Cabinet maker – performs the fine detailed work making cabinets, wardrobes, chests and dressers etc

There is a great deal more to carpentry than it would first appear. Ideally a carpenter will have his own works van in which to hold and transport all the tools of his or her trade. A van fitted with plylining is the best way to protect the van and all the equipment needed on a daily basis. For information on Plylining
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Some of the things that a carpenter would have to do include reading and interpreting drawings, diagrams and blueprints which are used to make things so a good eye for detail and a methodical approach are required. Knowing the most effective and efficient way to construct something is also a skill required. Physically, a carpenter needs to lay out, measure, cut and join various items and materials. A strong working knowledge of the different qualities of wood will also be a requirement. Understanding the density, flexibility and grain of different woods will mean that better decisions can be made about which wood to work with on a particular project. Using power tools and a whole host of other equipment safely and effectively is also another factor of the job.

Most carpenters will have a range of skills incorporating more than one of the varieties of carpentry listed above. Some carpenters will specialise and their skills will be highly sought after for projects needing a specific skill set.