The popularity of wooden floors continues apace. Current interior design trends are very much about natural textures and surfaces, and wood fits in perfectly to this, whether you’ve gone for solid, engineered or laminate flooring.

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Natural beauty

The appeal of wood is its simple beauty and versatility, whether you go for a stripped-back, natural look, high-gloss shine or a coloured or paint-washed finish. It’s also available in the palest oaks to the darkest walnuts, so there’s really something to suit every colour scheme and interior style, from the super modern to the very traditional. Renovating an existing floor or installing a new one can also add real value and appeal to your home when it comes to selling it –

One of the growing trends at the moment is for a distressed wood floor, a style of finish that allows natural imperfections and the texture of the wood to show through. It is intended to give a lived in, aged appearance, so it’s not one for you if you prefer your floors super smooth and glossy. However, a distressed finish is a particularly easy look to live with if you have children or pets as you won’t get too stressed about any dinks or scratches as these will, in fact, add to the look!

Distressed flooring

So If you have original floorboards and plan to renovate them, you’re going for a slightly unfinished look, not something super glossy and smooth. Allow imperfections and the natural texture of the wood to show through your wax or varnish and don’t sand back too much. Another way to achieve the look is to install a new floor with a distressed finish, and you can find this in solid or engineered wood floors, as well as laminates. It depends on your personal preference and your home environment, and of course your budget too.

Online specialists like Wood Floor Warehouse have a wide range of distressed flooring, as well as all the accessories and underlay needed to get a fantastic finish. Laying a floor needn’t be difficult, but does require some level of DIY skill.

Experienced retailers are often extremely happy to help advise customers should you have any questions, but if you have any serious doubts about installing flooring yourself, you can get a professional fitter in to do the job.