Eating healthily when you work out is vital for performance. As Manuel Villacorta R.D. points out, you will work out harder if you consume the correct food to power your exercise regime.

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You need to avoid dietary fat and protein heavy in fat whilst filling up on carbohydrates. So what are the best pre-workout meals?


Oats are filled with slow-release carbohydrates that keep your energy levels up during a workout. They are also packed with vitamin B, which converts the carbohydrates into extra energy. A bowl of porridge with some honey is a perfect pre-workout snack.

Wholegrain Bread

Wholegrain bread is packed with carbohydrates to power your work out, and you can add low-fat protein like hard-boiled eggs or sugars like honey and fruit jam if you are a morning exerciser. If you tend to work out during your lunch break, try a couple of slices of turkey with your bread to mix carbohydrates and high-quality protein. Dieticians recommend that you mix 30 grams of carbs with 20 grams of protein at this time of day to keep your energy levels up.


Bananas are the perfect food for a workout because they are filled with carbohydrates to power your exercise, and they are packed with potassium to help muscle and nerve function. Bananas are also especially good if your exercise regime is in the morning. They will give you a great energy boost when consumed thirty minutes before you start to work out. Bananas are also a great source of iron, although there are some excellent iron supplements that can also top your system up and help with your exercise regime. They are available from companies such as

Fruit and Yogurt

As well as bananas, all other fruits are high in carbohydrates and will break down quickly to provide an energy boost when you are working out. If you combine blueberries, for example, with some Greek yogurt, you fuel your workout with the fruit, while the slow-release protein from the yogurt will keep your energy levels up though the rest of the day after exercising.

Always remember that food is fuel for the body. Take care over your diet and the supplements that you use, and avoid fatty junk food. A healthy dietary regime will produce much better physical results from your exercise.