• How to get Straight Teeth in Six Months or Less

    Many people assume that braces are just for children. However, adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment to help straighten their teeth, allowing them to be more confident with their smiles. Braces may also be necessary in patients who suffer from an incorrect bite, such as an under bite or overbite. Braces can help to fix this problem, enabling you to eat more comfortable as a result. Traditional treatment usually takes a minimum period of 18 months to two years. Patients are also required to visit their orthodontist every six weeks or so. But what if we were to tell you that you can have that perfect white smile in just six months?

    How to get

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    Six Month Smiles

    If you aren’t completely happy with your smile, you may feel reluctant to let others see your teeth. This can lead to self-conscious moments of covering your mouth when you laugh or talk to another person. Nobody should be made to feel this way and with Six Month Smiles, you don’t have to.

    Combining orthodontic techniques with modern materials has lead to the innovative movement of Six Month Smiles. This process is exactly how it sounds. Achieve a straight smile in just six months! They work in a similar way to traditional braces but they are specialised to align and straighten the teeth in a much faster pace. The process is gentle and effective, resulting in a perfect smile that you can be proud of.

    Advantages of Braces

    According to the NHS, 1 in 100 orthodontic patients are adults. This may seem like a small amount, but the number has been increasing lately with adults lining up for clear braces that they missed out on when they were younger. Some advantages of having clear braces include the following:

    • Discreet – Clear braces are virtually invisible.
    • Short Treatment Time – 6 months is just the average amount of time; you could have it all behind you in just four months!
    • Gentle Process – The braces are very gentle, resulting in little discomfort.
    • Cost Effective – These braces are less expensive than traditional braces.
    • Efficient – Less damage is caused to veneers or crowns, so if you have either you don’t have to worry about the braces impacting them.

    Where do I get them?

    Six Month Smiles with beautiful clear braces are unfortunately quite rare. Not every orthodontist will have them available to their patients, which is why you will need to seek out a Dentist Dublin, such as Docklands Dental. This unique dental clinic has won multiple awards for their dentistry expertise, offering the best quality six month braces that the field of dentistry and orthodontics has to offer.

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  • Work forges ahead to find a cure for the Zika virus

    Compounds that could potentially be used in the treatment of the Zika virus have recently been identified by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). This breakthrough means researchers in the wider scientific community will now have compounds to explore in the ongoing global search for a cure.

    Work forges ahead to find a cure for the Zika virus

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    How serious is the Zika virus?

    The mosquito-borne virus had previously been primarily associated with microcephaly – the developmental defect resulting in small heads and brain damage in newborn babies; however, more recent research has highlighted wider effects on the population and the infection is now seen as the cause of neurological disorders in adults. These conditions are comparable to diseases such as Guillain-Barré syndrome and Alzheimer’s.

    The virus is currently present in over 60 territories and authorities in Florida, with other southern US states also reporting isolated incidences. This means Zika is no longer contained to Central and South America; what’s more, there is currently no cure for the Zika virus. There are no preventative vaccines or effective drug treatments for those affected, making it a serious global public health concern.

    The latest findings

    Together with Florida State University (FSU) and Johns Hopkins University (JHU), NCATS has been working to repurpose existing FDA-approved compounds in the treatment of infected adults. This involved studying the effects on the virus of some 6,000 compounds in the lab; of these compounds, around 100 have shown some impact on the effects of the virus.

    The three compounds showing the best results are emiracsan, niclosamide and PHA-690509, a CDK inhibitor. These do not kill the Zika virus but rather inhibit replication and prevent the neuronal cell death that leads to neurological damage.

    The next steps

    The search for a cure, prevention or treatment for the Zika virus is time critical. Researchers have been concentrating on repurposing existing approved compounds because this is the only way in which a drug or therapy can be established within the necessary timeframe. Any viable solution will still need to tested, however, and only once deemed safe can they be used by CRO facilities such as http://www.gandlscientific.com/clinical-project-management/.

    Translating these findings into treatments will be the work of the wider medical community; however, through further development, testing and approval, it is hoped that a viable treatment will be soon be established.

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  • FDA Approves New App for Concussion Screening and Head Injuries

    Head injuries including concussion are an unfortunate fact of life for those involved in contact sports, or unfortunate enough to suffer an accidental head injury. There are two million emergency hospital visits in the US each year for reasons related to traumatic brain injury. Sadly, such injuries are also a factor in the deaths of more than 50,000 Americans. A concussion is thought of as a mild brain injury, yet a significant percentage of these “mild” injuries contribute to the death of the injured person.

    FDA Approves New App for Concussion Screening and Head Injuries

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    Attending physicians need to assess the level of brain injury that has been sustained, but this has until now been difficult, especially if the assessment has to take place in during a game.

    However, the FDA has recently approved an app and related software that will help medical staff to carry out cognitive assessments by testing the functioning of the person who has suffered the head injury.

    Post-Concussion Cognitive Assessment

    The system is called IMPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). It’s not intended to replace medical diagnosis and it has been emphasised that it should not be used to decide whether an injured player should go back to the game, but it does provide extra information. A series of reaction time, memory and word recognition tests are carried out. The subject’s results are compared with a database of typical results for similar subjects, so that variances are highlighted. If data is available, the tool can also be used to compare results with the subject’s pre-injury scores.

    The manufacturer of IMPACT gave the FDA more than 250 relevant peer reviewed articles to study. In about half of these, clinical researchers looked at the scientific credibility of the IMPACT device, and its ability to analyse evidence of cognitive problems that might indicate a head injury and concussion.

    FDA “De Novo” Classification Process

    The FDA 510k clearance submission can be expedited by specialists such as http://www.fdathirdpartyreview.com/, who are cleared by the FDA to provide third party review of new devices. In this case, however, the FDA used its “de novo” classification procedure, in which lower risk items are subject to a risk assessment approach.

    The IMPACT process and app were classified as a Class 2 medical device rather than a Class 3, which would have required a more robust approach.

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  • 7 Interesting Facts about the Galapagos Islands

    The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the world’s most unique and beautiful creatures. It is outlines with white sandy beaches and surrounded by tropical waters that have all helped to make it a fantastic tourist attraction. Here are 7 interesting facts about these wonderful islands:

    7 Interesting Facts about the Galapagos Islands

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    1. They are Volcanic Islands

    The Galapagos are volcanic islands around 575 miles west of the Mainland Ecuador. With a population of around 25,000 people, these islands have managed to preserve the wildlife and keep human interference at a bare minimum. They were formed by the movement of three tectonic plates, including the Pacific and Nazca plates.

    1. Giant Tortoises Originate Here

    The Galapagos Islands are home to the world’s largest tortoises. They live up to 170 years and some have been known to live even longer than that. There is a very special Giant Pinta Tortoise living here, which is actually the last remaining of its kind on earth. Named Lonesome George by the locals, this big tortoise is around 90 years of age.

    1. You can Visit throughout the Year

    Thanks to the stable climate, you can visit the Galapagos islands at any time during the year. Galapagos cruises such as http://www.steppestravel.co.uk/galapagos-islands-holidays-and-cruises, are ideal for tourists who want to visit one of the two countries in the world that has an equal 12 hours of night and day.

    1. Darwin Visited the Islands

    Charles Darwin studied the Galapagos islands and a volcano and a few species including the Darwin finch, was named after him. According to www.uniglobetotaltravel.com, the Darwinian Theory of the Origin of Man was mostly fomented thanks to the studies carried out on the islands.

    1. Penguin Breeding Ground

    When you think of penguins, you probably think of places like the arctic. However, the Galapagos islands are home to the Galapagos penguins who are the only penguins able to breed in the northern hemisphere.

    1. Five Ocean Currents in One Place

    This remarkable location houses five different ocean currents that converge here. These include the Cromwell, Humboldt, Panama and the Equatorial currents, often resulting in fearsome tides and unique marine ecology.

    1. Lots of Wildlife Live Here

    There are many different kinds of wildlife living on these islands. Some of the most well-known creatures include marine iguanas, sea cucumbers, mockingbirds, penguins, sea lions, hawks, blue-footed boobies, tortoises and many more!

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  • Serge Ferrari releases new shade material for tensile structures

    Modern architecture and design is continually driving a quest for light, bright and open environments, which means that the need for versatile and durable construction materials has never been greater. Materials that allow and encourage this contemporary, cutting-edge outdoor to indoor design aesthetic are increasingly in demand. Protecting occupants from the elements, whilst indulging them in architecturally-inspired designs, tensile structures in roofs, screens, building design and external structures are encouraging industrial fabric manufacturers forwards in their technological and manufacturing progress.

    Serge Ferrari releases new shade material for tensile structures

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    Existing Soltis® range gains a new and exciting versatile addition

    Soltis® 88 promises to be a lightweight, durable fabric that gives an appealing, even weave pattern that avoids any distortion of views. With an 8 percent open specification, the material’s light-filtering and partial heat-blocking properties make this new addition to the existing range an attractive material to use in tensile fabric structures and screens that require good diffusion of light and heat.

    Having confirmed its availability in a range of 17 colours in standard rolls, with widths of 69.7 inches or 105.1 inches and lengths of 54.68 yards or 43.74 yards, Serge Ferrari has also increased its versatility, with some colours being made available in larger non-standard rolls, for wider designs that require seamless materials.

    Previewed in October 2015

    Soltis® 88 was originally previewed at the IFAI show in Anaheim, in October last year. The new material is made using the firm’s existing patented Precontraint® technology, to provide UV, weather and mould resistance. With its GreenGuard certification ensuring the quality of indoor air, it is suitable for both internal and external applications.

    Modern architectural engineering projects for tensile structures provide unique construction challenges. Fabric tensile structures appeared recently in some of the newly designed structures for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. Recent projects in the UK utilising fabric in their structural designs include schools, shopping centres, hospitals and stadiums with retractable fabric roofs. Companies specialising in constructing and design such as fabric architecture based in Gloucester, UK are also involved in worldwide projects that demand high quality fabrics with cutting-edge design and construction methods.

    Serge Ferrari is confident that Soltis® 88 fits perfectly into its existing popular Soltis® range, stating the new material is truly innovative in its open weave, which optimises its transparency and design.

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  • How to write a business plan? Detailed guidance for the beginner!

    Most often, the preparation and writing of business plans for startups engaged in those who are planning to get a grant from the state for small business development. The rest just do not think about it. And in vain! After all, the process of self-writing clarifies many of the subtleties of which you previously could not even think. How to make a business plan? It’s very simple, there are no difficulties. It is necessary only to want. Continue Reading…

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  • Formula to attract more visitors to your blog

    It is not easy to attract more visitors to your blog. Write an effective aperture is hard work. If you do not connect with your readers in the first eight seconds, they will not click on your link and disappear, perhaps forever. Continue Reading…

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  • How to detoxify your body?

    Your body needs care and attention every day that you do not always offer it in the right way. Bad habits in eating, sleeping or during your daily activities will impact your health and it is your body that will make you notice. Therefore, we advise you to detoxify your body twice a year for the good health of your blood, your body and your organs over the long term. If you do not know how to get started, we will give you on everything. How you can know how to detoxify your body in record time. Continue Reading…

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