• 5 more hot trends for garage doors in 2017

    The garage of a home can be so much more than just the area where the cars are stored. With some attention, the garage can not only look great but be a valuable extension of the home’s living space. The uses of a garage are only limited by your imagination.

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    Embracing Technology

    Technology is having an effect on almost everything, and the garage does not need to be left out. An app for your smartphone could allow you to ascertain whether the garage door is shut or open, what is in there, when it was used last, or even what temperature it is. Imagine being able to do this from any place around the globe. Insulated garage doors can also be another positive addition. Insulation always has a beneficial effect on a property, helping to maintain temperatures and reducing energy bills. Improving the insulation of your garage doors improves the insulation of your home.

    More Style, Less Hassle

    Garage doors, especially those that work electronically, are becoming more efficient. As part of this trend, companies are providing round the clock services for installing and maintaining garage doors. Some companies will even inspect the doors, service and maintain them automatically. Sometimes, of course, doors become run down. In London garage door repairs should be carried out before the damp weather makes the problem worse.

    Adding a Touch of Individuality

    Garages can be used as another living space for the home or a productive space for a home based business too. A garage can be a work room, a play room or a spare bedroom, and needs a smart entrance to match. This is where customisation comes in. With the resources of the internet, it’s not difficult to find all kinds of options for improving your garage doors and giving them more personality and style. According to The Guardian, one home owner even used his garage doors to record local wildlife.

    If you are interested in upgrading or in London garage door repairs, it would be worth consulting the expertise of professionals such as http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/.

    Today attractive garage doors are within everyone’s reach. With options in terms of materials, colour and design, garage doors that add value to your home are simply a matter of shopping for them.

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  • How to Rapidly Grow Your Social Media Generated Traffic

    Social media is an immensely powerful tool when it comes to generating clicks and helping businesses to increase the amount of traffic that their websites receive. But fostering and harnessing social buzz is not simple, so what are the best ways to rapidly ramp up its influence on your visitor numbers?

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    Double-Down on Content Sharing

    While you may feel that posting links to the same on-site content via social media more than once is overdoing it, in reality it is vital to share posts several times in order to get them noticed and earn those much-deserved clicks.

    People use social media services at different times, so it is safe to assume that if you share a link via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ just once, a large percentage of your audience will never see it, let alone engage with it.

    Because of this, you should not be shy about reposting; just make sure you space out the shares over the course of a few days, and never repeat yourself too often. Three or four shares will make sense. And with the help of a digital marketing agency in Belfast like http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/, you can be sure that the content itself can gain organic traction on social media.

    Embrace Network-Specific Optimisation

    Different social media platforms are built to showcase content in different formats, so make sure that you tailor each post to the particular site or service it is going to go on. Twitter’s character limit puts the emphasis on concise posts, while the longer-form set-up encouraged by Google+ and Facebook gives you more flexibility and lets you craft copy that speaks to an audience with different expectations.

    This kind of optimisation, even if you are sharing the same link, will pay dividends when it comes to generating traffic. And you should not only look at how this applies to the way social media posts are written but also how images and other types of media are included.

    The way that pictures and videos are cropped differs from site to site. And in general, a post which features an image will be able to earn much more engagement than one which does not.

    Finally, remember that with the integrated analytics of modern social platforms you can easily monitor the performance of your post and make tweaks to improve traffic.

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  • Have a party on wheels

    If you have a function or party to organise then there are loads of things to consider. A celebration of any kind is a great excuse to get all your friends and family together for a fun night out or even an afternoon if it’s for children. Transportation will be one of the biggest obstacles for you to overcome and for a night on the town, a large group of people could rack up some very pricey taxi fares. This is why a party bus could be the ideal solution for you and your guests. Continue Reading…

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  • A Full-Size Reconstruction of a Spitfire has Been Built from Fibreglass and Structural Adhesives

    Researchers have recently managed to build a reconstruction of a spitfire from fibreglass, in an amazing project run by the Spitfire Heritage Trust. This project has seen the plane built using fibreglass materials and adhesives to create a replica of one of the most iconic planes in WWII history.

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    The Supermarine Spitfire MK VB Type 359 was an important part of the British military, and was produced from 1938 until 1948. This Spitfire was the very first all-metal, stressed skin aircraft, and was designed by expert engineer Reginald Mitchell.

    The Creation of the Aircraft

    The aircraft was recreated using laminating resins and structural adhesive materials. These were used to mould the plastic parts. The metal bonding adhesive used enabled the parts to weld together in a safe way to give a highly durable finish and a realistic appearance.

    The replica Spitfire was built by UK volunteers as a gift from the Kingdom of Lesotho, in order to pay tribute to the ‘Gift of War’ given by the people of Basutoland in 1940. The whole project took the small production team four years to complete, but they managed to finish in time for the 50th anniversary of Lesotho’s independence from Great Britain.

    The Spitfire Heritage Trust

    This slow and careful building of a Spitfire is not the first time such an attempt has been made. Alan James built a full size replica of the aircraft in his own garden this year. The driving instructor took three years to build the wooden plane. This was a personal project thanks to Alan’s love of Spitfires, in contrast to the international project undertaken by the Spitfire Heritage Trust.

    The Lesotho Spitfire had to be made with careful consideration, given to the possible exposure to the elements. This was because the aircraft replica will be displayed as an outdoor show piece. The research team had to research extensively to ensure the right adhesive was used to cope with the rain, intense sunlight and extremes of temperature of Lesotho. Thankfully, details about these adhesives can be found in many places, such as online at http://www.ct1ltd.com/en/metal-to-metal-adhesive.html.

    The finished replica was shipped to Lesotho on Remembrance Day. The aircraft will now stand proudly in the Central Memorial Park of the capital city of Maseru.

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  • The Five Best Pre-Workout Meals

    Eating healthily when you work out is vital for performance. As Manuel Villacorta R.D. points out, you will work out harder if you consume the correct food to power your exercise regime.

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    You need to avoid dietary fat and protein heavy in fat whilst filling up on carbohydrates. So what are the best pre-workout meals?


    Oats are filled with slow-release carbohydrates that keep your energy levels up during a workout. They are also packed with vitamin B, which converts the carbohydrates into extra energy. A bowl of porridge with some honey is a perfect pre-workout snack.

    Wholegrain Bread

    Wholegrain bread is packed with carbohydrates to power your work out, and you can add low-fat protein like hard-boiled eggs or sugars like honey and fruit jam if you are a morning exerciser. If you tend to work out during your lunch break, try a couple of slices of turkey with your bread to mix carbohydrates and high-quality protein. Dieticians recommend that you mix 30 grams of carbs with 20 grams of protein at this time of day to keep your energy levels up.


    Bananas are the perfect food for a workout because they are filled with carbohydrates to power your exercise, and they are packed with potassium to help muscle and nerve function. Bananas are also especially good if your exercise regime is in the morning. They will give you a great energy boost when consumed thirty minutes before you start to work out. Bananas are also a great source of iron, although there are some excellent iron supplements that can also top your system up and help with your exercise regime. They are available from companies such as https://www.blueiron.co.uk/blueiron.html.

    Fruit and Yogurt

    As well as bananas, all other fruits are high in carbohydrates and will break down quickly to provide an energy boost when you are working out. If you combine blueberries, for example, with some Greek yogurt, you fuel your workout with the fruit, while the slow-release protein from the yogurt will keep your energy levels up though the rest of the day after exercising.

    Always remember that food is fuel for the body. Take care over your diet and the supplements that you use, and avoid fatty junk food. A healthy dietary regime will produce much better physical results from your exercise.

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  • Getting the best from your new website

    If you have been asked to design or redesign a website for your business  or the company you work for then you might not know where to begin. If you have enlisted the help of a professional website design company then they will have asked for a brief which involves detailing everything that you want your new website to be. For web design in Devon, visit http://vuonline.co.uk/web-design/. Here are some important points to include when writing a brief:

    • An Introduction – the company need to know about your business so they can get a feel for what kind of design would suit your needs best. Include a couple of paragraphs about the products you sell or the services you provide. The size of the company and whether you are an international operation or not is also good to know. Explain how long you’ve been established and try to describe your business in a few great adjectives.
    • Show them your old website – decide what works well with the old one and what needs to be changed. How long has it been active and how much traffic does it currently receive. Where are your visitors from and what are top browsers that are visiting your site. Who is responsible for the site and how often do you get a genuine sales lead from it?


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    • Decide what you need from the new site – outline your aims and decide who your target audience will be. Work out how your target audience will be accessing your site, via phone, tablet or desktop. Is the new site part of a product launch or a rebranding?
    • Determine what industry you will be aiming the website at and research what your competitors are up to.
    • Outline your budget so you can get an accurate quote for the work and find out if there will be ongoing support and maintenance for the site. Does anyone in your company have the skills and expertise to regularly audit your site and if so, what happens if that staff member leaves? It may be easier to ask the web design company to provide such assistance.
    • Have a look at and note down some websites that you like the look to help give your designer an idea of the kind of thing you are looking for.
    • Resist the urge to rehash the old content on your old site as this is clearly not working as it should and you need something fresher.
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  • Have the best Aisle Style

    So you’ve set the date for your big day but now you need to think about your dream dress. This can be a real minefield as there are hundreds of dresses to choose from but you will want a dress that suits your height and body shape. Take the time to try as many styles as possible so you will look amazing on your wedding photos. For a Hampshire Wedding Photographer, visit http://www.lemontree-photography.co.uk/ Continue Reading…

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  • Greatest Treasures of the Jurassic Coast

    The Jurassic coast in Dorset, is home to some the most beautiful beaches and stunning scenery in the world. Named ‘Jurassic’ because it is a great site of archaeological and historical importance. The rock around the coast is layered to reveal the earth’s history for 185 million years, and all three periods can be seen here, the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. In 2001, it was designated the first natural World Heritage site in 2001, due to its great importance to earth science.

    Fossils found along the Jurassic coastline have been greatly instrumental in enabling us to reconstruct the world as it was when dinosaurs ruled the land. Some of them are so well preserved that bite marks, scratches and even the contents of a creature’s stomach can be seen! Some of the rarest fossils in the world have been found on the Jurassic coast, fossils of reptiles that date back as far as when reptiles first came out from the seas to dominate the land Ichthyosaurs, giant Pliosaurs and a dinosaur called Scelidosaurus. These come from all different parts of the Jurassic coastline, showing how rich an area it is for fossil hunters!


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    The Jurassic coast is a very beautiful and incredibly diverse coastline. Just a few miles down, the scenery and rock can completely change, and this makes up so much of the charm of this unique coastline. For example, Durdle door, one of the most photographed places in the world, is part of the Jurassic coastline. A natural limestone arch out in the tranquil sea – it is easy to see why so many visitors are attracted to it! Chesil beach, is another part of the Jurassic coast, but geologically a very different place! Chesil is a huge, 15-mile-long natural beach, which stretches all the way from West Bay to the Isle of Portland. Portland, is an Island attached by a thin piece of land to the mainland, that is home to the famous Portland Bill lighthouse. Some of the most beautiful views can be seen from the island, Portland stone is the main business here, but modern businesses such as web Design Dorset company https://www.xlcreative.design/ work harmoniously alongside this older industry.


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    Of course, Weymouth bay, just down from Portland is the reason that most people flock to this Dorset coastline. The beautiful Blue Flag sandy beach is heaven to families and children looking for sandcastle building and an opportunity to splash in the shallow waters of the bay. Another beauty spot is the Golden Cap – the highest point on the South Coast of England. Of course, these are only a few of the wonderful treasures that make up the Jurassic Coast – explore for yourself and you will not be disappointed!

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  • How is cork Flooring Made

    Cork is increasingly popular as a material of choice for flooring, in part because of its green credentials, in part because of its excellent insulating properties, and of course because of its appearance. Granted, it can be somewhat controversial, but there is no doubt that in the right setting a cork floor can be beautiful and elegant.


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    What is Cork

    What we call cork is in fact a layer of water resistant cells that separate the outer layer of bark from the tree body and can be found on almost all trees. It varies in thickness depending on the tree, and the tree that is generally used for commercial cork production is the Quercus suber, or cork oak tree, which grows in the Mediterranean, principally in Portugal. This tree produces a thick layer of cork which can be removed every nine years or so, without causing damage to the tree. This can be repeated for the rest of the tree’s life which can be up to 150 years.

    How is it Made

    The cork is removed by hand, using a specially designed hand axes. The highly skilled workers make horizontal incisions into the tree, being careful not to cut into the living cells below the bark. They can then peel away the cork in long strips or planks.

    The planks need to be dried in the sun for up to six months to drive out the moisture in the cells. The outer layer of bark is then removed by boiling the planks. The separated cork is then dried and cured again, in a carefully controlled environment of specific temperature and humidity, and in darkness. It is then ready for manufacture.

    Cork Usage

    The vast majority of cork is used to make cork wine stoppers. The waste material – planks full of holes, basically – goes to make, among other things, cork floor tiles. It is ground up into small pellets, then moulded into blocks and baked to produce cork tiles. Cork can be a Marmite choice, so you can’t get cork floors just anywhere. You would think that a major outlet such as ukflooringdirect.co.uk would have an excellent range. Sadly not.

    Where to Get a Cork Floor

    Better to try a specialist such as The Cork Floor Company.

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  • Common Office Chair Mistakes to Avoid

    The chances are you will spend more time in your office chair than any other. We are all familiar with the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle and the health and safety aspects of office work. Postural correction, safe screen distances and reduction of office-related conditions such as RSI are all factors to bear in mind when choosing an office chair.


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    When choosing office furniture, ensure you are buying from a reputable retailer who provides excellent customer service and post-sales support. All office chairs should be supplied with a guarantee. This will safeguard you in the event of damage or malfunction.

    Style Over Substance

    Don’t prioritise looks over ergonomics. Although aesthetics are important in an office, you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort.

    Instead, focus on the key features which will make your chair comfortable and health-promoting. Look for designs with lumbar support, adjustable height, adequate seat width, adjustable backrest and high-quality breathable fabric.


    A glance at the product ranges of any specialist company who sells office chairs online will demonstrate the wide array of fabrics that are currently used in the manufacture of office furniture. Vinyl is great for easy cleaning, and leather is soft and stylish but not ideal for sitting on for a long period of time. Breathable fabric such as the type used for the pioneering ’90s Aeron chair designed by the Hermann Martin company is the best for comfort, especially in the summer.

    Colour Scheme

    Ergonomics must be dealt with first. However, particularly if you hold client meetings in your office, your chair has to fit in with your overall design scheme, which ideally should reflect your branding. The colours and patterns you use on your logos and sign writing should be reflected in your interiors.


    Be realistic about the actual footage of your office space. Avoid the temptation to go for the ultra-plush but space-hogging executive throne if you already can’t swing a cat in your office. There are plenty of chairs of all shapes and sizes, so make sure you choose one which is dimensionally appropriate for your circumstances.


    Make sure you are not just going for the cheapest option – unless you are absolutely on a shoestring, of course. Instead look at long-term value. A high-quality, expertly engineered, solidly manufactured chair will easily last ten years.

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