Most often, the preparation and writing of business plans for startups engaged in those who are planning to get a grant from the state for small business development. The rest just do not think about it. And in vain! After all, the process of self-writing clarifies many of the subtleties of which you previously could not even think. How to make a business plan? It’s very simple, there are no difficulties. It is necessary only to want.

After the opening of any business, firm is to grow and develop. This is what you want to display in the business plan. Only these figures need to be confirmed and obtained from the in-depth analysis of your idea.

How to write a business plan

What do you need to write it?

Though strictly prescribed format the business plan is not, but to fully understand yet give a rough structure for you:

  1. Title page
  2. Content
  3. Summary
  4. Product description / services
  5. Production planning / procurement / service organization
  6. The organizational plan
  7. Marketing plan
  8. Competitor Analysis
  9. Marketing Strategy
  10. The accounting of the

If a cover page and all the content is already clear that further clarification is necessary.


Summary – this is a kind of introduction (still writing term papers?). Here it is necessary to briefly describe the essence of the entire business plan for the company that you are going to create, how it will work, why your idea is relevant and profitable approximate volume – 1-3 pages.

Product description / services

“What we sell?”

Whatever type of activity you may be, the product or service will always be the end point. Here you need to specify the exact list of goods or services. In the case of grocery stores is more difficult, you can specify the types of products (dairy products, sausages, etc.). First of all, it will be useful to you. After make a business plan, you still have time to buy goods and a similar list for future reference.

Production planning / procurement / service organization

How to produce? How to buy? How to organize a service?

Because of the nature of your business, this part should be considered to each his own. In general, here you need to consider the cost of manufacture, purchase or creation of the service.

The organizational plan

Who and what will work for you?

It is necessary to write only if you plan to hire employees. Describe here the number of employees, their appointment (the seller, cleaner, etc.), how much you will pay them. Do not forget to take into account is the RPF taxes. If you plan to expand the state gradually – it also indicates, referring to the approximate dates.

Marketing plan

Who and where to sell? At what price?

Briefly indicate your target buyer, a way of selling goods or services (through a social network, a point in the shopping center, etc.). The main part of this chapter must be your pricing plan. It is on the basis of a plan of production / procurement / service organization. In one column, list all costs per unit of output, the second – the final price of the goods or services, in the third – the profit from the sale of one unit.

Competitive analysis

Who is your competitor?

First, competitors – it’s the same company with your kind of activity and product. Secondly, a competitive firm should sell their goods or services to your potential client. There are such? In this chapter lists them.

Marketing Strategy

How do you motivate the customer to come to you exactly?

At different stages of the company’s existence, marketing must be different. When you first opened to start is to tell about them and motivate the customer to come to you exactly. Then you just need to keep the customer at home.

The accounting of the

How much money do you need to open? How will the company grow the economy?

The accounting section is made up of 3-5 years. The first part of the financial chapter should show how much money you need to start work. Based on the numbers counted in previous chapters we enumerate here the necessary costs and derive a finite sum.

The second part is made for the future. For the first year is a separate table displaying the cost, revenue and profit for each month? For the remaining a common table with a profit for the year, since you have a new company, it must necessarily grow and develop. For this reason, must be specified in terms of business earlier. And here is to be displayed increase your profit figures.

How to conduct business analysis!

The theme of “How to conduct a business analysis” will be discussed in this article. The business analysis aims to explore all sides of the business. Why is this done? Mainly in order to make the business work as efficient as possible, if the company is stable – it does not always mean that it has no problems. Perhaps just the consequences have not yet made themselves felt and in order to avoid disastrous situations, continuous monitoring of important activities of the company.

How to conduct business analysis and where to start?

Before analyzing the company all the activities at once, it is necessary to examine its components. “Habitat” of any organization composed of two smaller: external and internal environment.

The internal environment – is all that is within the firm: its departments, employees, a set of rules, the cash-flow of information and more.

External environment – this is what surrounds the company from the outside: public policy, consumer demand, partners, investors, etc. How to determine what belongs to the company’s external environment, and that does not belong here at all. The components of the environment necessarily have an impact on the company.

Any business-analysis has its purpose. It may be a study to find solutions to arising problems, a way out of the urgent problems monitoring result of the introduction of innovations in the work of the company and others. Whatever it was, any analysis must begin with a specific purpose and only after its formation can proceed, and the process itself.

Analysis Plan has the following sequence:

  • Goal setting;
  • The collection of information that is needed to solve the purpose;
  • Analysis of the information received;
  • Forming conclusions based on the analysis data.

Methods of business analysis

Of course, without the methods of business intelligence topics “How to conduct a business analysis” and cannot be. Methods, in fact, quite a few for the full results of the analysis uses several techniques at once. Mostly, all kinds of business intelligence can be divided into two groups: qualitative and quantitative. In the second case, the analysis is more objective because it is based on accurate data, figures, and numerals.

The most common methods of analysis:

  1. SWOT analysis – The most well-known method. Four components of the business are considered here, or a separate segment:
  • Strengths
  • Weak sides
  • Capabilities
  • Risks
  1. BCG Matrix. It is used to visualize the importance of the products manufactured or sold by the company. It is used as a comparison for the companies. The basis matrices are 4 quadrants, each of which has a name and a value. Matrix axes (growth rate and market share) allow to correctly positioning the product in the matrix. It reveals the most promising and profitable product or company (in the upper right corner), which at the end of the analysis will have to invest the largest amount of money also used to analyze the competition on the market.
  2. ABC method. This method is used to analyze the resources used by the company to achieve its goal. Resources, in turn, are analyzed in order to reduce production costs. As a result of this process, all the resources are distributed in three groups: A, B and C. Group A – are the resources that generate the greatest amount of profit (80% of the total profit), Group B – average (15%), C – the lowest (5%). If you notice that the basis of this method is the “Principle”, according to which 20% effort for 80% of the results.
  3. Analysis of a PEST. Used to analyze the external environment of the company, considering it part by part the main part of the PEST-analysis:
  • Political factors;
  • Economic forces;
  • Social factors;
  • Economic forces.

In addition to the above four methods of business analysis, there are much other huge. And each of the techniques aimed at the analysis of a particular segment of the organization of life. Integrated use of a few of them will help to more fully analyze the company and find the right solutions for the existing problems.

How to start a business without money?

“Impossible is the word define I-M-Possible”

Do you not have the funds to grow your business? This is not a reason to give up on their desires! Here we’ll show you how to start a business with no money. And it’s not a myth, its real-life examples from the lives of real people.

The main thing that you need to know

In one of my other articles we have talked about, which requires the largest investment in the business: purchase of goods, lease of premises, advertising and compensation of employees. Therefore, our task – to find a way to build their business, beats four points.

But first, we mention a few sources of money that can be used to create a business. Firstly, it is the state of the program. The state allocates money for small business development and plans to do this for a long time. Secondly, credits. Here, of course, there is a special element of risk. But if you do fit, why to wait!

Estate agents

Realtors are intermediaries between landlords and sellers of real estate. On the one hand, they help to find a good buyer and make a true contract, on the other – to help the buyer to pick up the title. At the same time, realtor takes for their services a certain amount or a fixed percentage of the transaction value. Expenses on payment of interest shall be the buyer.

How to open a business without a monetary investment? Very simple! You can start with small things – a collect database of Internet sites on which the ads are published, and do continuous monitoring. Then offer him their services, and then actively distribute it as an advertisement for sale or rent.

Where distribute:

  • Free newspaper;
  • Social networks;
  • Bulletin boards.

To conduct this type of business in the early stages you may not need any of these four items of expenditure.

Ornament of halls for the holiday

Holidays in restaurants and cafes are always carried out – birthdays, weddings, corporate parties. And in these cases, there is a demand for the service of decorating rooms. The necessary equipment for decoration bought with money from the customer’s initial deposit.

However, to find that most customers will have to work hard head; naturally, the demand is higher in firms promoted, but if there are a chance and skill you have. First, start with the self. You can park in the firms providing similar services and learn everything in practice.

Second, get a social network group. This “densely populated” area today is breaking all records for the promotion of business efficiency. Millions of people spend a considerable amount of time there.

Master the technique of promoting our company through social networks and see how it effectively.

Third, look for its first customers through methods available to you. For example, you can negotiate with a cafe or restaurant on the partnership. When ordering the customer premises can offer your services as an extra. Of course, more often, such advertising, their profits have for this share. But to start something you need!

Take walking the dog for a fee. You do not invest and do not spend at least the provision of services, but making a profit. Profitability is very high. In the future, when the customer base will be expanded, you can train and hire one assistant, and then two, three…. So you’ll be getting and active and passive income at the same time.