Social media is an immensely powerful tool when it comes to generating clicks and helping businesses to increase the amount of traffic that their websites receive. But fostering and harnessing social buzz is not simple, so what are the best ways to rapidly ramp up its influence on your visitor numbers?

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Double-Down on Content Sharing

While you may feel that posting links to the same on-site content via social media more than once is overdoing it, in reality it is vital to share posts several times in order to get them noticed and earn those much-deserved clicks.

People use social media services at different times, so it is safe to assume that if you share a link via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ just once, a large percentage of your audience will never see it, let alone engage with it.

Because of this, you should not be shy about reposting; just make sure you space out the shares over the course of a few days, and never repeat yourself too often. Three or four shares will make sense. And with the help of a digital marketing agency in Belfast like, you can be sure that the content itself can gain organic traction on social media.

Embrace Network-Specific Optimisation

Different social media platforms are built to showcase content in different formats, so make sure that you tailor each post to the particular site or service it is going to go on. Twitter’s character limit puts the emphasis on concise posts, while the longer-form set-up encouraged by Google+ and Facebook gives you more flexibility and lets you craft copy that speaks to an audience with different expectations.

This kind of optimisation, even if you are sharing the same link, will pay dividends when it comes to generating traffic. And you should not only look at how this applies to the way social media posts are written but also how images and other types of media are included.

The way that pictures and videos are cropped differs from site to site. And in general, a post which features an image will be able to earn much more engagement than one which does not.

Finally, remember that with the integrated analytics of modern social platforms you can easily monitor the performance of your post and make tweaks to improve traffic.