The Jurassic coast in Dorset, is home to some the most beautiful beaches and stunning scenery in the world. Named ‘Jurassic’ because it is a great site of archaeological and historical importance. The rock around the coast is layered to reveal the earth’s history for 185 million years, and all three periods can be seen here, the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. In 2001, it was designated the first natural World Heritage site in 2001, due to its great importance to earth science.

Fossils found along the Jurassic coastline have been greatly instrumental in enabling us to reconstruct the world as it was when dinosaurs ruled the land. Some of them are so well preserved that bite marks, scratches and even the contents of a creature’s stomach can be seen! Some of the rarest fossils in the world have been found on the Jurassic coast, fossils of reptiles that date back as far as when reptiles first came out from the seas to dominate the land Ichthyosaurs, giant Pliosaurs and a dinosaur called Scelidosaurus. These come from all different parts of the Jurassic coastline, showing how rich an area it is for fossil hunters!


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The Jurassic coast is a very beautiful and incredibly diverse coastline. Just a few miles down, the scenery and rock can completely change, and this makes up so much of the charm of this unique coastline. For example, Durdle door, one of the most photographed places in the world, is part of the Jurassic coastline. A natural limestone arch out in the tranquil sea – it is easy to see why so many visitors are attracted to it! Chesil beach, is another part of the Jurassic coast, but geologically a very different place! Chesil is a huge, 15-mile-long natural beach, which stretches all the way from West Bay to the Isle of Portland. Portland, is an Island attached by a thin piece of land to the mainland, that is home to the famous Portland Bill lighthouse. Some of the most beautiful views can be seen from the island, Portland stone is the main business here, but modern businesses such as web Design Dorset company work harmoniously alongside this older industry.


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Of course, Weymouth bay, just down from Portland is the reason that most people flock to this Dorset coastline. The beautiful Blue Flag sandy beach is heaven to families and children looking for sandcastle building and an opportunity to splash in the shallow waters of the bay. Another beauty spot is the Golden Cap – the highest point on the South Coast of England. Of course, these are only a few of the wonderful treasures that make up the Jurassic Coast – explore for yourself and you will not be disappointed!