It is not easy to attract more visitors to your blog. Write an effective aperture is hard work. If you do not connect with your readers in the first eight seconds, they will not click on your link and disappear, perhaps forever.

This sound is the difference between an amateur and a professional. If you write for a living or not, thinking well how they will be your openings, it is a sign that you take your job seriously.

Even you spend months perfecting the beginning of your stories. That’s because, whether in a book or a blog post, the rules are the same: to lose your reader at the beginning means you’ve lost forever.

Formula to attract more visitors to your blog


What if you do not invest the time needed when it is needed?

What if that deadline is approaching?

And you know that your place could be great, but you’re not sure how to begin?

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Do not worry….

Just copy some simple formulas. Formulas that practically guarantee you that you will have a strong opening.

Solution in your writing to attract more visitors to your blog

In short, you must use the type of writing that sells.

  • If the reader does not buy when it reaches the last paragraph – or has not even reached the end – failed writing and the writer starves.
  • A large writing captures the reader’s attention and persuades them to take action, and a great blog post should do the same.
  • Because as a blogger, you should not start to convince your readers to purchase a product or service, but I assure you will be persuading him to do something.
  • You want to read your content carefully and you believe in your ideas and have value, in order to take action with your advice.

The wording highlighted in this kind of persuasion….

Know writing is part of the art, highly persuasive writing that you have read countless billboards, magazine ads, and online marketing campaigns, driven by tried and tested formulas that have worked for decades.

These formulas copywriting are E=MC2 of writing, and (with a little work) can be adapted to write persuasive openings that capture the reader’s attention from the first line.

Formula # 1: Problem-Wave-Solution

Problem-Wave-Solution is a formula of the old school that the drafters have used for years to put food on the table.

Let’s break up the three parts of this formula:

  • Problem – introduce a problem that the reader is experiencing.
  • Agita – using emotional language to intensify the problem.
  • Solution – offer a credible solution to the problem.

# Example 1

The new bloggers are often quite complaining about the lack of website traffic. As a result, they are frustrated and worried about losing time to blog. We will address this problem for them.

[Problem] Are you sick and tired of writing a blog that nobody reads?

Now let’s warm emotions of our readers:

[Shakes] Thousands of novice bloggers pursue publish your articles every day, worried about SEO, and wonder if they should spend hundreds of dollars on advertising on Facebook.

But unless you spend your time in the right places, you never are going to build the kind of audience you need to grow a successful blog.

We now offer the reader a lifeline:

[Solution] What if I told you there a better way? What if I told you that as a guest of the blog could help attract thousands of new readers?

You see how this formula uses a problem to attract the reader?

# Example 2

Even the most serious bloggers have difficulty organizing their time to grow and monetize their blogs. We will address your problem with this formula.

[Problem] 168

That’s how many hours there are in a week, and if your blog is growing, it is likely that you feel is not enough.

[Shakes] You have social networking accounts to manage messages to write, a new design to present and many other tasks that are in mind to monetize your blog what if you if I told you that lack of time is your problem carry the weight of your blog?

[Solution] What if I told you it’s time to get help?

Successful bloggers know what is the fastest way to monetize their blogs, which is none other than outsourcing tasks such as design, management of social networks and even your inbox email.

Decide what to outsource and what to do yourself is complicated, so I focused on interviewing top ten bloggers and asked them what they externalize what they themselves do. This is what they said.

# Example 3

New writers often wonder if your writing is good enough and how they can best advice. Using the formula of Problem-Wave-Solution, we can help them out.

[Problem] Do you ever feel like you are ignoring your writing?

[Shake] Are you tired of being rejected by publishers? Are you sick of seeing your ideas sink without a trace?

Do you want to know how to make your writing really resonate with your audience?

[Solution] Do not worry.

A lot of new writers and bloggers faced with this kind of fight, but those who succeed get help – hire someone to teach you how to write better. Discover your writing coach from the resources of this post.

Formula # 2: AIDA

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, and is one of the most popular forms of writing in the advertising industry.

First, you need to quickly capture and direct the attention of your readers, usually with the first line in bold, powerful words, or to make a dramatic statement.

Then, you wake your interest and explain what is going to offer – the offer should directly address their needs and desires.

It then creates the desire to explain the measurable benefit of your offer. It provides evidence, such as a case study, which will help build the desire.

Finally, you lead the reader to take action.

How to adapt this formula to your openings…

From a call to action that works best in the closure of a blog post, we will use the first three elements of the AIDA formula to create a compelling opening, led by a profit.

Check out the following examples:

– Example 1

Turning to fixing guests, new bloggers may have heard of this strategy to build their blogs, but often do not know why it works or how to launch it on their blogs.

Let’s start by making a bold statement:

[Attention] If you want to publish your best work on your blog, you’re wasting your time. If you are thinking seriously about your blog grows, you need to know niche similar to yours and share them your FREE content.

Now that you have the attention of your readers, we will satisfy your appetite.

[Interest] I’m talking about guest blogging. Writing quality content for the largest sites in your niche market is the fastest growth to access your blog. And in this post, I’ll show you exactly how.

Finally, use a real world example to build credibility and desire:

[Desire] If you’re not sure how to give your best stuff, what I can tell you is that if you invite blogging quality could attract more than 10,000 visitors and 500 new subscribers to your website.

It probably thinks I’m crazy, I was also skeptical until I checked through other fellow guests). A customer can earn 10,000 readers and 1,000 email subscribers from a single guest post.

– Example # 2

Serious bloggers understand that one of the best ways to monetize their blogs is to grow your email list and then create something of value to sell to that list. However, a lot of serious bloggers struggle to balance the promotion of the list with other tasks that come with running a busy blog.

Let’s write an inlet opening in the blog for this audience:

[Attention] If you manage your own social networking accounts, prepare to be surprised. You are losing your time.

[Interest] Yes, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook probably bring traffic to your blog, but the media have no value if you compare it to your email list. If you really want to earn more money from blogging, you need to prioritize your email subscribers through your social media followers.

[Desire] must outsource management of social networking accounts of your blog and focus exclusively on growing your email list. You will increase your subscribers and hundreds of them will generate more revenue by launching your products.

– Example # 3

It is a rare type of writer who does not want to share their work, find an audience, and even make some money. As a blogger, you know that a blog is a great platform for this audience, but a surprising number of writers do not have a blog.

So we will introduce the concept of blogging for these writers using AIDA and connect to their desire to get either paid or find an audience for their work:

[Attention] Do you want to get paid to write?

[Interest] If you want to find an audience, get free feedback about their work, and even make some money writing, blogging it is the perfect platform for you.

[Desire] to start blogging as soon as possible soon can publish your eBook and sell your copies. You can do it without question.

Formula # 3: Extraordinary Bob Stone

Bob Stone was an American editor and direct response marketer who worked during the mid-twentieth century.

Stone invented the formula for writing sales letters and direct response advertising, but today is used in dozens of types of promotional materials and works very well for blog posts as well.

Bob Stone steps were:

  • Start with your most benefit.
  • Wide this benefit.
  • It explains how the reader can experience this benefit.
  • Back up your statement with supporting the text.
  • Tell readers what they will lose if they do not act.
  • Add the most important benefit.
  • It includes a call to action.

How to adapt this formula to your openings …

To use the formula Bob Stone must create a killer opening, and we will only use the first three steps (but you can use the remaining steps to inspire the rest of the entry.)

Example # 1

For our first example, let’s return to the new blogger who is having trouble finding an audience for your website.

We began describing the strongest benefit behind its stall.

[Benefit Strong] If you want to attract more website traffic, I have a solution for you – guest posting. I have used this strategy to increase traffic to my website by 100% in just three months.

Let’s see how we apply this strategy to expand traffic and the benefits it gives a concrete example:

[Enlarge] Instead of spending hours writing for my website, write articles on topics of interest to your readers on popular websites like Boost Blog Traffic and CopyBlogger. These articles will continue to send traffic to my website in the coming months.

Example # 2

Serious bloggers know that Webinars are very important to generate an income on blogs. Let’s use the formula of Bob Stone to describe this benefit then.

[Benefit Strong] If you are ready to monetize your blog, it’s time to run a webinar.

[Wide] Webinars are great for your niche to acquire the necessary authority, to forge a bond with your readers and to make extra money from your blog.

[Explain] Making Money? Good. Before running your first webinar, you must take certain steps to ensure success. You need to choose the right topic, write a script, and test your tools.

Example # 3

For new writers, learn the basics of writing it are one of the fastest ways in which they can receive payment for their work.

Fortunately for them, this is something that can be taught. So let’s use this formula to attract them to a post on copywriting.

[Benefit Strong] Learn the basics of writing and can earn up to a thousand dollars writing in just three months.

[Enlarge] I know because I know many who did so. If you’re new to writing, which is a type of writing that is used to sell products and services? It is also the perfect style of writing for an online audience.

[Explain] In this post, I have met with more than 20 editorial proven formulas that will help you start a business copywriting.

Formula # 4: The formula approach

Editors adapted this formula from a template used by the door to door salesmen. It’s a soft sell where the writer works hard to capture the initial attention of the reader.

There are six parts in this formula:

  • Arrive
  • Propose
  • Persuade
  • Reassure
  • Make an offer
  • Ask for the order

How to adapt this formula to your openings…

To use this formula and write a blog post as an effective opening, we will focus on the first four steps. Say something that the reader agrees, something non-threatening to show that we are on the same page.

Then we will propose a specific action. Something that most people agree and find reasonable. Then we gently persuade the reader that this type of action is correct. And finally, we will reassure overcoming any possible objection.

Let’s look at some examples…

Example # 1

The new bloggers who only pretend to upload your blog and let it run often feel overwhelmed by the many things they have to learn.

We will use the approximation formula to become the white knight who can rescue them.

We “got” saying something like that these new bloggers probably agree on building trust.

[Directions] Blogging is more difficult than it seems. You have to master the technical aspects of running a blog, find out what to write and then get people to visit your blog.

Then we will make a proposal – which should focus on just a couple of things:

[Propose] But if you’re a new blogger, you just have to concentrate on a few activities and learn many new skills to grow your blog.

Then we will convince them that this is the right course of action: to give some evidence – our own experience:

[Persuade] When I started blogging a large number of tasks and things to learn overwhelmed me. It is embarrassing to admit this, but I almost gave up. Only when I started to focus on a few key activities and certain skills I began to see results.

Finally, we will reassure them saying it will be easy:

[Reassurance] So do not worry, I’ll make it very easy for you. In this post, I will explain what you should focus on activities currently in the blog you can ignore (at least for now), and the simple secret to getting traffic desperately crave.

Example # 2

Going back to an earlier stage, how can we use the approximation formula to persuade the serious bloggers to focus on building their email lists?

[Reach] TOMATO blog seriously. You’re in it to last a long time and keep a watchful eye blog metrics to measure growth.

[Propose] But in reality, only a blog is worth standing concern: the number of subscribers to your email list. Every self-respecting blogger superior elects an email subscriber through a new social media follower at any time.

[Persuade] email subscribers are more likely to read and share your content, are more likely to comment on your articles, and when the time is right, are almost always the first to open their wallets.

[Reassurance] Building your email list does not have to be difficult. In fact, you can double the growth of your email list with a simple “content update,” the strategy advanced and bloggers use opt-ins to increase visitors to their blogs.

Using my blog as an example, I’ll show you how to create content updates without having to spend much time and money on them. Even I have a free checklist to help you create your first content update today.

Now go out and open up like a pro

I’m not going to lie to you. The openings are difficult.

But they are damned important too. Without a strong opening, the rest of your post will leave out and not read it.

You must engage your readers from the first line of your article. Fortunately, with these formulas drafting bombproof, you can now do so with the minimal sweat of your brow.

So when developing the next post, borrow one of these formulas for the opening. And if you have to write more than one to find out which is the one that works best, that’s fine.

Write magnetic openings are one of the most important skills that an ambitious blogger can learn. And now you have four different formulas for success, so salt and open yourself as a professional, your readers will reward you with their time and attention.